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The WaterSafe™

Keep your home safe from serious Water Damage

Water Claims: Insurers have paid more money to satisfy claims caused by water damage than any other single cause.

Meares Plumbing water damage FACTS:

  • An estimated $6.8 billion worth of property damage occurred last year, according to the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS).
  • Over 25% of 2006 insurance claims were a result of water damage according several national insurance companies.
  • The average cost to the homeowner was $3,662 in 2002 according to the non-profit SCINS (South Carolina Insurance News).
  • Water damage can lead to respiration problems possible caused from mold and mildew growth.


WaterSafe’s™ advanced sensing and monitoring technology delivers the most reliable and easy-to-use leak prevention and automatic water shut-off system available.

Our newest product The WaterSafe, prevents expensive insurance claims and keeps your home safe from dangerous health conditions caused by water damage and the resulting mold. The WaterSafe™ comprehensive warranty covers up to $5,000 towards insurance deductibles and many insurance companies offer significant discounts on both commercial and residential premiums.

watersafe products

1x Controller
  • Simple Installation – just plug in to electrical outlet and hang on the wall
  • Battery operated back-up system in case of power outage
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Simple programming system for installers
  • Alerts home-owner of leak with alarm
  • Easy “over-ride” option to turn water back on after the problem is resolved
4x Sensors
  • Pre-programmed
  • Easy to install – just place under the appliances (eg: refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, etc.)
  • 3-5 year battery life
  • 600 ft. obstructed range
  • Compact
  • Extra sensors available
  • Automatic tripping mechanism ensures system is working properly
1x Water Shut-off Valve
  • Solid brass construction
  • Durable
  • Installed by Certified Technician only
  • Watertight electronics
  • Easily replaceable battery lasts 3-5 years
  • Can adapt to any water line

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