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Solar Water Heaters

For the cutting edge of technology a energy efficient Solar Heater is a top choice! Their solar collectors are installed outside the home, typically on the roof or nearby. Nearly all models are the direct-gain type, consisting of flat panels in which water circulates. Other types may use dish or trough mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a collector tube filled with water, brine or other heat transfer fluid. A storage tank is placed indoors or out to collect the heated water. Circulation is caused by natural convection or by a small electric pump. At night, or when there is insufficient sunlight present, circulation through the panel can be stopped by closing a valve and/or stopping the circulating pump, to keep hot water in the storage tank from cooling.

Meares Plumbing uses Solene Solar hot water systems that take advantage of Chromagen solar panels and A.O. Smith ProMax booster tank.

Why Choose Solene

Solar water heaters have been performing faithfully for over 20 years – and with the newest technology in design and manufacturing, your Solene water heater will be trouble-free for years to come.

Solene Solar Water Systems are the best choice for your residential or commercial hot water needs:

  • Most efficient – Solene offers the highest rated collectors in the industry! We invite you to compare Btu ratings of Solene to others as published by the industry’s certification specialists.
  • Best warranty – Most collectors are warranted for ten years – but only Solene offers an additional limited lifetime warranty. No other manufacturer offers a bonus warranty for a lifetime!
  • Design – Solene collectors are sleek and attractive and work on any type of roofing material. Solene also uses insulated piping and extra-thick foam insulation around storage tanks to maximize your heater’s efficiency.
  • 30+ Years Experience – Solene is produced by one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers, with more than 30 years of continuing technological & warranty excellence.

Solene simply delivers the best product and best value available on the market. Stop the slow leak in your wallet from rising fuel bills; Solene uses Chromagen solar panels for all their systems.

All-Copper Solar Collectors

Copper fins ultrasonically welded to copper risers

CHROMAGEN has fine-tuned the design and manufacture of solar collectors to an art. Collectors are assembled using the highest quality materials and advanced techniques, which result in highly-efficient, durable products you can depend on for years to come.

All products are environmentally friendly, remarkably versatile and offer high performance even in extreme environments. CHROMAGEN panels are suitable for all kinds of hot water systems and provide consistent results under any weather conditions.

Selective coated collector combining all known effective features:

  • Best selectivity – high absorption and low emissivity
  • No galvanic corrosion
  • Ultrasonic welding of copper strips to risers – high fin efficiency
  • Aluminum case – rigid and aesthetic with roof integration slots
  1. Absorber Plate -Consists of copper fins ultrasonically welded to copper risers, to provide excellent heat transfer between the fins and risers, ensuring high efficiency.
  2. Absorber Plate Coating – Coated either with a sputtering coating, or with black chrome on nickel, or with highly distinctive black solar paint. All enable excellent energy absorption even in cooler climates.
  3. Insulation -The absorber plate is encased in rigid Polyurethane foam, with an optional layer of glass wool to provide high thermal resistance.
  4. Solar Glass Glazing – The single pane 3.2 mm solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and tempered to maximize strength and durability. The low iron oxide content of 0.03% enables a high solar transmittance of 91%.
  5. Casings
    1. Aluminum – All anodized aluminum extrusion casings are made of solid construction available in a natural or black color.
    2. Galvanized Steel – inexpensive yet durable, galvanized steel casings are available in black, gray or white polyester finish.
  6. Tubing Grid – 5/8” or 8 mm copper risers brazed to 1 1/8” or 7/8” copper manifolds with optimal flow distribution.
  7. Piping Connection – Four BSP female brass connections.
  8. Back Plate – The back plate is made of a black polypropylene sheet.
  9. Aluminum Foil – The aluminum foil is attached to the polyurethane foam and acts as a barrier during the polyurethane polymerization

The History of Solar

In 1909, William J. Bailey patented a solar water heater that revolutionized the business. He separated the solar water heater into two parts: a heating element exposed to the sun and an insulated storage unit tucked away in the house so families could have sun heated water day and night and early the next morning. The heating element consisted of pipes attached to a black-painted metal sheet placed in a glass-covered box. Because the water to be heated passed through narrow pipes rather than sat in a large tank, Bailey reduced the volume of water exposed to the sun at any single moment and therefore, the water heated up faster. Providing hotter water for longer periods put Bailey’s solar hot water heater, called the Day and Night, at a great advantage over the competition. From 1909, when Bailey started up his business, through 1918, his company had sold more than 4,000 Day and Night Solar Hot Water Heaters.

A building boom in Florida during the 1920s had tripled, but just as in California before the great oil strikes, people had to pay a pretty penny to heat water. The high cost of energy combined with the tropical climate and the great growth in housing stock created a big business for those selling solar water heaters. By 1941, more than half the population heated its water with the sun! Declining electric rates after World War II, in tandem with an aggressive campaign by Florida Power and Light to increase electrical consumption by offering electric water heaters at bargain prices, brought Florida’s once flourishing solar water heater industry to a screeching halt.

The advent of huge oil tankers in the 1960s allowed the access to new oil fields in the Middle East, supplying the world with cheap, abundant fuel – the solar water heater industry collapsed

Solar Today

Today, more than 90% of Israeli households own solar water heaters and 10 Million Japanese households heat their water from the sun. In the U.S. over 1.5 million Americans have invested in solar hot water systems for their homes and businesses, over 94% consider the investment a wise decision.

How It Works

Solene is fully self-automated! Solene knows exactly when to turn on and off daily and collects heat whenever it’s available. When sunlight heats the roof collector, the pump and controller are automatically activated. The pump circulates cold water through the collector, where it is warmed by the sun, and returns the heated water back to the tank. Solene’s backup heating element takes over during periods of prolonged cloudy weather or heightened demand, assuring a seamless supply of household hot water every day of the year.

Solar Water Heating – Sometimes also called Domestic Hot Water (DHW), collectors designed for solar water heating are made of glass, copper and insulation. They are designed to heat relatively small amounts of water (40 to 80 gallons in a home) quickly, to high temperatures suitable for bathing, laundry and dish-washing. Just as with an electric water heater, most solar water heaters require a circulating motor and a storage tank.

how solar water heating works

Photovoltaic Modules: Power Up’s rugged outdoor solar module comes with a 10′ UV resistant output cable. The anodized aluminum frame provides for easy mounting to the optional mounting brackets and also offers full protection for years of continued charging. The output of these panels is warranted for 5 years.

Product Applications: Power Up panels are used world wide in a number of different rigorous conditions. Modules are both reliable and economically sound.

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