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Hybrid Water Heaters

Save big with an efficient Hybrid Water Heater

The easiest and most affordable way to lower your water heating costs

Generally speaking, there are only two kinds of water heaters that are going to save you money; tankless and hybrid. Tankless water heaters are for homes with gas while hybrid water heaters are electric. Most of our customers in the Pasco county area do not have gas in their homes. Therefore hybrid water heaters are the best option and can save you $325 a year.

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Our hybrid water heaters come with a 10 year warranty on Parts and Labor. We also offer the option to upgrade to a lifetime warranty.  Find out how.

A Hybrid is 70% more efficient than a conventional tank type water heater. Hybrid heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly.

Energy Star – What does it mean?


Energy Star is the Environmental Protection Agency’s program that rates appliances for energy efficiency. Their logo should appear on every appliance in your house (if it was purchased in the last ten years or so). The only appliance in your home that isn’t Energy Star rated will probably be your water heater.

Call us now and we will recommend the best system to fit your needs: (727) 863-8815

Did you know your water heater uses more energy than all your kitchen appliances combined!?!? That’s right that energy hog is the second largest consumer of electric in your home. Only behind your HVAC unit.
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