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In today’s world we pour all kinds of stuff down our drains. From Sugary sodas, grease, soap products and anything liquid we get our hands on. Problem is over time this creates build up on walls of the pipe and creates the area for waste water to travel to get smaller and smaller. Then the bad thing happens. You get a Clogged Drain. So you decide to pick up some liquid drain cleaner and pour it down the drain. Problem is, most liquid drain cleaners are full of harmful, dangerous substances like acids and toxic chemicals. Chances are, you have these hazardous materials under your sink right now. They may cause harm to you or your family. Do yourself a favor and read the warning labels on these products and do a little research online. They are not safe and most of the time do not work!

What’s the alternative?

BioSmart_64ozsmallBiosmart is a safe bacteria that creates its own enzyme as it feeds on grease, oils and soaps that build up in a drain line. It is made in Sarasota, Fl and is the only drain product with a stamp of approval from the E.P.A. Think of it as tiny pac men in your drain that multiply at an amazing rate cleaning the walls of your pipe to bringing your pipes back to life!

We also carry Septicsmart which is a product that is put down your drain monthly to ensure your drainfield lasts for years. Septicsmart is made for homeowners that are on a septic system and want to maintain the system to prevent costly pump outs.

Call us today if you’d like to try Biosmart or Septicsmart out.

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